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Public Health Preparedness Consultants (PHPCs)

Public Health Preparedness Consultant (PHPC) Coverage Map (PDF)
updated May 23, 2021.

Region Public Health Preparedness Consultants (PHPC)

Katie Triebold, PHPC
St. Cloud District Office


Cassidy Watson
Saint Paul Central Office


Marilyn Cluka, PHPC
Duluth MDH District Office
Northwest Sue Grafstrom, PHPC
Bemidji District Office
South Central Whitney Koester, PHPC
Southeast Peter Ekadu, PHPC
Rochester District Office
Southwest Julie Johnson, PHPC
Marshall District Office
West Central Michelle Moritz, PHPC
Fergus Falls District Office




Who are we?

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) assigns public health preparedness consultants (“PHPCs”) to each of its eight geographic districts. As professionals, we are experienced in public health management, program planning and evaluation, and have expertise in emergency preparedness and response. We provide consultation, planning and technical assistance to the managers and staff of Minnesota’s tribal, local public health departments and health care systems to develop local and regional plans for emergencies, capacity for emergency response, and serve as the liaison with partners in emergency preparedness.

Whom do we serve?

Our primary clientele are the staff who provide public health emergency preparedness services for a city, county or tribal government. Clients may include:

  • Public health directors
  • Public health preparedness coordinators
  • Community health administrators
  • Public health staff
  • Governing boards
  • Tribal health directors

Secondary clientele are Regional Hospital Preparedness Coordinators (RHPCs) and health care emergency planners from hospitals, clinics, and behavioral health organizations.

PHPCs also work cooperatively with preparedness staff in:

  • Emergency Management
  • Public Safety
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Schools and universities

Consultation and coordination is also provided to other MDH staff, state and regional workgroups, nursing school faculty and staff from other state agencies. PHPCs also work cooperatively with counterparts across state and international borders.

What do we do?

The MDH PHP Consultants provide consultation, planning and technical assistance within a defined geographic district for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a strong public health emergency preparedness infrastructure. This is accomplished through

  • Coordinating regional networks
  • Assisting with training & exercises
  • Coordinating regional and state-wide planning
  • Enhancing local preparedness capacities.

What are our specific activities?

  • Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) activities
    • Mass dispensing plans
    • Regional caches of pharmaceuticals, Chempack and other supplies
    • Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
  • Emergency Management
    • Regional Health Multi-Agency Coordination
    • Assisting with state-wide response as required
  • Coordination of Regional Health Emergency Response
  • Natural Disasters – floods, ice storms, tornadoes
    • Bioterrorism
    • Infectious Disease
    • Other disasters or emergencies
  • Advocacy on behalf of local health department/tribal emergency preparedness programs
  • Assist Local Public Health and Tribal Health in these areas of emergency planning, preparedness, & response
    • Leadership
    • Assessment
    • Planning
    • Surveillance and Monitoring
    • Workforce Readiness
    • Communications – tactical and practical
    • Public Outreach and Education

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