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Health Regulation Division - MDH

Health Regulation Division

The Health Regulation Division (HRD) of MDH protects the health and safety of Minnesotans by monitoring compliance with many of the laws and rules designed to protect them.

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  • Expired COVID-19 Waivers: All COVID-19 waivers and modifications to statutes and requirements expired on or before August 31, 2021. All COVID-19 waivers are archived on this page for reference.
  • Background Studies for HLB-Licensed Providers FAQ (PDF): This document answers questions about the changes to requirements for background studies for healthcare providers licensed by health licensing boards.


Inspects labs following federal regulations.

Engineering Services
Enforcement of state and federal rules and regulations relating to physical plant for purposes of state licensure and federal certification of health care facilities.

Health Care Facilities Licensing
Access to the required documents, forms, and information regarding state licensure and/or registration for health care facilities and service providers, including home care, assisted living, long-term care, and non-long term care.

Health Occupations
Information about health occupation programs, licensing and certification.

Minnesota Case Mix Review Program
Assesses the level of care required for each resident, helping to determine the amount a facility certified for medical assistance is paid to provide care.

Mortuary Science
Funeral home licensure, crematories, morticians, funeral directors, mortuary science regulations.

Office of Health Facility Complaints
Investigates complaints and answers questions or concerns related to hospitals, nursing homes, boarding care homes, supervised living facilities, assisted living and home health agencies.

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