MDH Employees Working Outside the Office

MDH Employees Working Outside the Office

This page provides information for MDH employees who need to access email, voicemail or other related websites when they are working at home, doing telework or otherwise working remotely. The MNIT MDH Service Desk can provide assistance with email or voicemail problems.


To access your Outlook Web Access account from any computer or smart phone:

  • Go to Microsoft Outlook
  • Enter your state email address
  • Password: Enter your usual network password
  • Click Sign in

Voicemail and Phone

  • Dial your office phone number, then press the 9 key when you hear your greeting
  • Dial 651-201-0999 or 1-800-500-8639 and follow the prompts, including your 10-digit MDH phone number and pin
  • To forward calls from your office phone number to a different number, access the Cisco portal (link works only when connected to the network). This portal requires a pre-established username and password that can be established through MNIT MDH.

Employee Self Service

Self Service - State of Minnesota


MDH SharePoint
You can access the MDH SharePoint site from any computer, phone or tablet, using your work email and regular MDH password. You do NOT need to be connected through VPN to access the SharePoint page. If you depend on links to find things on our SharePoint site, you may wish to email yourself links to other parts of the site. You can access both "teams" and "sites" remotely.

Office Closure Updates

The State of Minnesota does not close often. Any closure of part of all of our services will be given:

  • During the day: Via email to your work email
  • After hours: MMB will notify WCCO Radio (830 AM) and Twin Cities metro TV stations. The Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response may also send an after-hours notification to your text or phone listed in Employee Self-Service.
  • At any time: You may call these recorded phone lines:
    • Metro area: 651-201-5775
    • Greater Minnesota: 1-888-234-1244

What CAN I do without my work laptop/computer?

Without a work laptop, you are given limited access to documents and sites that you would normally have access to if you were at your work station or if you had your work laptop. Here is a general list of things that you can access without your work laptop:

  • Microsoft Outlook 365 (Internet and Mobile)
  • Microsoft Teams (Internet and Mobile)
  • WebEx
  • Voicemails
  • SharePoint
  • Employee Self-Service

What CAN'T I do without my work laptop?

Without a work laptop that connects automatically to the MDH network, you will be unable to access certain items, documents, and programs that you may use on a daily basis. Find a general list below of things you cannot access without your work laptop:

  • MDH intranet (includes submitting service desk tickets)
  • Files saved on your desktop or network drives
  • Licensed software installed on your computer (Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.)
  • Remote call forwarding using the Cisco portal
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