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Enclosed Sports Arena Statutes and Rules

The Minnesota Enclosed Sports Arena Rule was enacted in 1973 to protect the public from exposure to exhaust emissions that can occur in ice arenas. In 1977, this rule was amended to include all enclosed sports arenas when other types of internal combustion engines are being used. The rule is enforced by the Minnesota Department of Health.


144.1222 Public pools; enclosed sports arenas

"Subdivision 3. Enclosed sports arenas. The commissioner of health shall be responsible for the adoption of rules and enforcement of applicable laws and rules relating to indoor air quality in the operation and maintenance of enclosed sports arenas."


Indoor Ice Arenas

Indoor Ice Arenas Chapter 4620 (PDF)

4620.3900 Purpose
4620.3910 Application
4620.3950 Acceptable Air Quality
4620.4000 Definitions
4620.4100 Certificate of Approval
4620.4450 Training
4620.4510 Measurement of Air Quality Conditions
4620.4550 Air Quality Measuring Devices
4620.4600 Failure to Maintain Air Quality
4620.4650 Record Keeping
4620.4700 Other Fuel Burning Equipment
4620.4800 Enforcement
4620.4900 Variance of Rules Relating to Indoor Ice Arenas

Indoor Motorsports

Indoor Motorsports Arenas Chapter 4620 (PDF)

4620.5000 Purpose
4620.5100 Application
4620.5200 Acceptable Air Quality
4620.5300 Definitions
4620.5400 Certificate of Approval
4620.5500 Training
4620.5600 Measurement of Air Quality Conditions
4620.5650 Air Quality Measuring Devices
4620.5700 Failure to Maintain Air Quality
4620.5800 Record Keeping
4620.5900 Enforcement
4620.5950 Variance to Rules Relating to Indoor Motorsports Arenas

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