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Healthy Homes for Partners/Professionals - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Healthy Homes for Partners/Professionals

All Minnesotans should have the opportunity to make choices that allow them to live a long, healthy life, regardless of their income, education, or ethnic background. Everyone wants good health in order to be productive at work and to succeed in school, and to have affordable medical and housing costs. To make this opportunity a choice for all Minnesotans, we all have to do our part in creating and maintaining healthy homes and communities. Every person and every organization has a role to play, small or large.

Healthy Housing Grants

The MDH Lead and Healthy Homes Program administers Healthy Housing Grants as required by Minnesota Statutes 144.9513. These grants are available on a three-year cycle and are intended to support implementation of healthy housing programs to local boards of health, community action agencies, and nonprofit organizations with expertise in providing outreach, education, and training on healthy housing subjects and in providing comprehensive healthy housing assessments and interventions. Proposals for the grant period beginning Dec. 1, 2017 and running through June 30, 2020 will be accepted through October 13, 2017. More information as well as the Request for Proposals and Application can be found at:

Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities

The Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities is a group of nonprofit organizations who care deeply about providing affordable, green, and healthy homes to all and believe that a statewide collaboration is needed to support local efforts to create healthier homes and communities. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has received support from the Centers for Disease Control to develop a Healthy Homes Strategic Plan for Minnesota.

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Purpose: "Promote healthy housing for all Minnesotans"

Goal: Empower all Minnesotans to live in homes that are dry, clean, safe, well ventilated, pest-free, contaminant-free, and well maintained.

Approach: Healthy Homes Minnesota

A state-wide Healthy Homes initiative coordinated by MDH and partner organizations is building a comprehensive coalition of public health and safety professionals with the goal of providing the training and tools necessary to address a broad range of housing deficiencies and hazards associated with unhealthy and unsafe homes.  Healthier homes will directly result in healthier people, leading to lower health care costs and more vibrant communities.

MDH's primary role will be in training, educating and providing scientifically based guidance and tools to make homes and other indoor places safer and healthier.  This initiative will focus on environmental risk factors in homes for both acute and long-term illnesses.  Collaborative efforts are expected to:

  • Build on established capacity and expertise of current public health programs (e.g. lead, indoor air, asthma, injury prevention);
  • Improve health, productivity, and quality of life of residents;
  • Reduce health care costs from common housing-related illnesses and injuries; and
  • Help diminish health disparities for at-risk populations.
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