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Lodging in Minnesota
Boarding and Lodging with Special Services

MDH Requirements

If offering Special Services in a boarding and lodging establishment in Minnesota, you will be required to obtain both:

  1. A Lodging Establishment with Special Services Registration provided by the MDH Health Regulation Division, which registers your establishment for providing nursing special services; see:
  2. A Food, Beverage and Lodging Establishments License(s) provided by the Food, Pools and Lodging Services Section of the Environmental Health Division at MDH, which licenses your establishment to provide food and lodging when you are registered as a Lodging Establishment with Special Services as described above, see:


Please note that the Registration (#1 above) and the License (#2 above) are two separate items and will require you to work with two separate programs at MDH. You may be required to obtain more than one license for #2 above if you are providing both food service and lodging.

Other Licensing Requirements

Depending on the special services that you provide, you may also be required to obtain other licenses from the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). That information can be found at the link below:

Special Services Definitions

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