Public Swimming Pool Alterations - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Public Swimming Pool Alterations

All pools constructed, installed, or materially altered in Minnesota are required to undergo plan review and inspection. Any pool constructed or physically altered without prior plan approval must be closed immediately.

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The lists below are not complete or all-inclusive; a review may be required for items not listed. Additionally, local ordinances may apply in your area.

Pool alteration that requires plan review

  • Addition of Second Main Drain
  • Filter Replacement
  • Gutter System Replacement
  • Concrete Pool Shell, remove and replace or filling in the deep end - this is considered a new pool, existing equipment can be reused if it is code-compliant.
  • Fiberglass Spa Pool Shell Replacement - this is considered a new pool, existing equipment may be re-used if it is code compliant.
  • Addition of Slides, Play Features, Climbing Walls, and Inflatables
  • Re-piping of recirculation system
  • PVC repair coating of failed pool shells
  • Disinfection System Change – Note: Plan Review is required, however inspections are not usually required provided that water quality standards are met.

Maintenance Work

Not all maintenance work requires a plan review, but all work must meet the appropriate code.

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