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Chemicals and Hazards: Risk Assessment - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Chemicals and Hazards: Exposures and Health Risks

The following links provide information about exposures and health risks from chemicals and other environmental health hazards.

Minnesota Department of Health

Arsenic in Drinking Water
Bisphenol A (consumer product advice)
Bisphenol A (exposure and health concerns)
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
Chloroform (disinfection and disinfection by products)
Coliform Bacteria
Fine particles (air pollutant)
Fish Contaminants
Lead (drinking water)
Lead Poisoning
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) (also known as Perfluorochemicals (PFCs))
Silica Sand Mining and Health
Vermiculite (see Asbestos)

Also see Reducing Exposures to Chemicals and Hazards.

Other Sources

Chemical Information

Agency for Toxic Substances Disease Registry

National Pesticide Information Center, Technical Pesticide Information

National Toxicology Program, Report on Carcinogens

New Jersey Department of Health, Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals

Environmental Monitoring

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Searchable Environmental Data
Water Quality
What's In My Neighborhood

Occupational Safety and Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Product Safety

Consumer Product Safety Commission, Recall List

For information about other environmental health topics, see:

National Center of Environmental Health, A-Z Index
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, A to Z Index

Health-Based Standards and/or Advisory Levels

Minnesota Health Department

The following are health-based standards and/or advisory levels promulgated by the Minnesota Department of Health, Health Risk Assessment Unit.

Health-Based Rules and Guidance for Groundwater

Health-Based Rules and Guidance for Air

Other Sources

The following are links to health-based standards and/or advisory levels that have been developed by other government agencies. The Minnesota Department of Health evaluates the peer-reviewed scientific information for each chemical before determining whether it is appropriate for use. For questions about a specific chemical or standard, contact the Health Risk Assessment Unit.

California Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, Air

U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Minimal Risk Levels

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Integrated Risk Information System

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