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Drinking Water Protection
Annual Reports

Annual Reports about the State of Drinking Water

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has issued a report regarding the state of drinking water in Minnesota each year since 1995. These reports summarize the results of testing done the previous year, provide an overview on the role of the department’s drinking water program in monitoring and protecting drinking water, and examine emerging issues.

4.5 million Minnesotans consume water from 6,677 public water systems, which include municipalities, resorts, daycares, restaurants, and other establishments that provide drinking water. Minnesota has an exceptionally high rate of compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act: 97% of community water systems and 98% of the population served by community water systems have drinking water that meets all federal health-based standards.

Archived reports are available upon request by calling 651-201-4700 or sending an email to health.drinkingwater@state.mn.us.

Individual drinking water systems provide annual reports (also called consumer confidence reports) to their citizens. Contact your local water utility to receive a copy of the latest report.

Other Information about Drinking Water

MDH also publishes:

Importance of Drinking Water Information

Drinking water is by far the most precious resource we have in the world, yet it is a resource that is often taken for granted. It’s not unusual for people to give little thought to water even though, through history, civilizations have risen and fallen depending on the availability of an adequate supply of water that is safe to drink. That’s still the case today. As we look at the problems—both health-related and economic—in many third-world nations, the lack of a safe supply of drinking water is often a major factor.

We have many ways of protecting drinking water. Protecting water sources, treating the water, and taking samples of the treated water to assure its safety are necessary. Another important means of protecting water is by promoting awareness of the subject, that safe drinking water doesn’t happen by accident and that all of us play a role in protecting it.

We are fortunate in Minnesota that drinking water supplies are in good shape and that we have an adequate supply of water that is safe to drink.

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