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Drinking Water Protection - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Drinking Water Protection

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is the state authority for drinking water. Several programs at MDH work together to ensure safe and adequate drinking water. The Drinking Water Protection program focuses on public water systems. Public water systems serve 25 people or more in places where they live, work, gather and play.

Drinking Water and COVID-19

Together in partnership with public water systems, the Drinking Water Protection Section at MDH will continue working to ensure the delivery of safe and sufficient drinking water to all Minnesotans throughout the COVID-19 response.

  • About Us

  • About the Drinking Water Protection program, with links to program sites.
  • A-Z List of Contaminants in Water

  • Information about contaminants that could be found in drinking water and sources of drinking water like groundwater, rivers, and lakes.
  • Bottled Water

  • Questions and answers on bottled water versus tap water.
  • Drinking Water Institute

  • WaterWorks! A Drinking Water Institute for Educators is an annual institute for teachers to learn about drinking water and how to teach it in their classrooms.
  • Fact Sheets

  • Drinking water protection fact sheets and advisory guidance documents.
  • Home Water Treatment

  • Overview of types of devices used to treat water and considerations for purchasing.
  • Plan Review

  • Information about plan review of drinking water construction projects.
  • Waterline Newsletter

  • A quarterly publication for water operators and others as well as a list of feature stories about water systems.

News and Updates

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Interactive Dashboard for PFAS in Drinking Water

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