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Source Water Protection Maps and Geospatial Data - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Reports and Geospatial Data
Source Water Protection

MDH Reports

Contaminants found in Source Water

MDH is partnering with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) on a project to test for unregulated contaminants in drinking water sources across the state. MDH is conducting this study to understand where unregulated contaminants occur and at what levels.  The results will guide future efforts in monitoring, source water protection, and development of health-based guidance values.




Aquifer Tests

Geospatial Data Files

Maps are available as PDFs upon request. Call 651-201-4700 or send an email to health.drinkingwater@state.mn.us to request a map in PDF form.

File Name and Metadata File
Class V Sensitivity Class V Shapefile
Drinking Water Supply Management Areas (DWSMAs) - Groundwater DWSMAs - Groundwater Shapefile
DWSMA-SW - Surface Water DWSMAs - Surface Water Shapefile
DWSMAs - Vulnerability DWSMAs - Vulnerability Shapefile
Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPAs) WHPA Shapefile
Hydrogeologic Sensitivity of the Water Table Aquifer Hydrogeologic Sensitivity Raster Shapefile
Nitrate Risk to the Water Table Aquifer Nitrate Risk Raster Shapefile
Source Water Assessment Areas (SWAAs) - Groundwater SWAA Shapefile
SWAAs - Surface Water SWAA - Surface Water Shapefile
Special Well and Boring Construction Area (SWBCA) SWBCA Shapefile
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