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Invisible Heroes Videos

Minnesota's Drinking Water Providers

Every day you turn on the faucet. But do you think about how the water gets to your home? Minnesota’s invisible heroes – Minnesota’s drinking water providers - make it happen. Tune in and watch six of their stories in the videos below.

These heroes face and overcome challenges that include contamination, lack of adequate water sources, and aging infrastructure. The result? Safe, reliable drinking water - essential for people’s health and thriving local economies.

The Minnesota Department of Health partners with these systems to provide specialized engineering services, essential sampling to determine compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, and source water protection grants from the Clean Water Fund.

Watch all of the videos on our Drinking Water Protection playlist.

Fairmont: Adapting and Evolving in a Changing Environment

The City of Fairmont is adapting and evolving in a changing environment. They faced increased nitrate levels last year, and they sprang to action to keep providing safe drinking water to their 10,000 residents. The Minnesota Department of Health provides technical assistance to manage nitrate, real-time monitoring of nitrate levels, and assistance on source water strategies to prevent nitrate spikes in the future.

New Brighton: Conquering New Challenges

The City of New Brighton found out what happens when science catches up with us. We found a new contaminant called 1,4 Dioxane in their drinking water, and they were quick to respond with new treatment. They share their advice for addressing new threats in drinking water in this video.

Oakdale: Taking Care to be Top Notch

The City of Oakdale is an invisible hero to about 30,000 Minnesotans. They’ve done a phenomenal job responding to a new drinking water contaminant: they were the first community water system in Minnesota to install treatment for perfluorochemicals, or PFCs. The Minnesota Department of Health provided engineering and communications assistance to the city.

St. Cloud: A Surface Water Superstar

Ever thought about how the Mississippi River is a source of drinking water for millions of people? The City of  St. Cloud is a surface water superstar. As the first public water system on the Mississippi River, they’re serious about protecting the river and providing safe drinking water. The Minnesota Department of Health provides technical assistance to support this work.

St. Martin: Finding a Tiny Answer to a Big Problem

No city is too small to have safe drinking water. The City of St. Martin, population 350, proves that small communities can find ways to respond to drinking water issues. Watch to see how tiny critters help clean their water.

Worthington: Using Partnerships to Protect a Precious Resource

The Worthington Wells Wildlife Management Area is truly incredible. The City of Worthington and partners created this pioneering solution to protect the city’s drinking water wells from contamination and provide pheasant habitat. The Minnesota Department of Health has provided assistance in Worthington’s source water protection efforts and water shortage challenges.

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