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Medical Surge Education and Planning - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Medical Surge Education and Planning

Medical Surge is the ability to provide medical evaluation and care during events or incidents that exceed the limits of the normal medical infrastructure of an affected community. MDH works with Minnesota's eight health care coalitions to provide education and training, so our health care systems are ready to respond.

  • Burn Surge
    Burn care resources are limited and highly specialized. Click here for the Minnesota Burn Surge Plan, Educational Curriculum for Medical Providers, Just-in-Time Resources for Burn Surge Facilities and more.

  • Crisis Standards of Care
    Crisis Standards of Care are the most extreme level of Medical Surge. Here you will find Minnesota’s Scare Resource Cards, past projects including the Pandemic Ethics Project, National Guidance, Community Engagement Reports, and more.

  • High Consequence Infectious Disease Surge
    Here you will find the Ebola Concept of Operations, Guidance to Hospitals and EMS about transporting these patients, and the MDH Airborne Infectious Disease Management guide to create temporary negative pressure isolation rooms in your facility.

  • Health Care Sheltering, Relocation, and Evacuation
    Here hospitals will find materials for emergency sheltering, relocation, and evacuation, checklists for staff proficiency, threat assessments and decision-making tools, and information on the Coalition Surge Test.

  • Mobile Medical Team
    Learn about the Minnesota Mobile Medical Team (MNMMT) and how to become a team member.

  • Nuclear and Radiation Emergencies
    Explore the nuclear and radiation emergency toolkit designed to help health care systems and regions prepare for these disasters.

  • Pediatric Surge
    Here you will find the Pediatric Surge Toolkit with resources for planning, training and responding to a pediatric surge event. Additional materials include the Minnesota Pediatric Surge Plan.


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