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About public health practice in Minnesota

About the Minnesota public health system and partnership: Minnesota’s public health system can best be described as a state and local partnership. This partnership, known as the community health services system, enables state and local governments to combine resources to serve public health needs in an efficient, cost-effective way. It is fundamental to the success of Minnesota’s public health system because it is the infrastructure for nearly all public health efforts in Minnesota.

Accreditation at MDH: The national accreditation program sets standards against which the nation's more than 3,000 governmental public health departments can continuously improve the quality of their services and performance. MDH became accredited in 2014, and will see reaccreditation.

Transforming the public health system in Minnesota: State, local, and tribal health departments in Minnesota have a unique responsibility to protect and promote the health of the public. Many governmental public health leaders have identified the need to strengthen the public health system and create a system for the 21st century—one that is equipped to work with communities and carryout foundational public health responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

About the Center for Public Health Practice: The MDH Center for Public Health Practice helps to build capacity and improve performance of Minnesota's state and local public health system; section staff accomplish this by collaborating closely with local public health staff and MDH staff. The Center for Public Health Practice is located in the MDH Centers for Health Equity and Community Health.

Contact the Center for Public Health Practice: Contact center staff by phone, mail, and email.