Refugee and International Health - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Refugee and International Health

Minnesota's Refugee and International Health Program (RIHP) partners with local health departments, private health care providers, and community organizations to offer each new refugee arrival a comprehensive screening examination, appropriate follow-up or referral, and community-based health education.

  • RIHP: Our Work and Partners
    Learn about RIHP partners, Minnesota's health screening protocol, medical exams for refugees, immigration definitions, and ongoing activities sponsored by the program.
  • Refugee Health Statistics
    Demographic and health screening data for annual refugee arrivals to Minnesota, with additional resources for national and global data.
  • Refugee Health Provider Resources
    Clinical resources for health professionals who administer and coordinate the refugee health assessment exam, including forms for health screening, population-specific medical information, and an online refugee health CME module.
  • Refugee Topics
    Resources on a variety of topics related to refugee health in Minnesota, including national and international resources.
  • Directories for Organizations Serving Diverse Communities
    Directories developed by the MDHRefugee and International Health Program and Infectious Disease Equity and Engagement Unit; includes the Health Resources Directory, the Diverse Media Directory, and the Community Based Organizations Directory.
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