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Anaplasmosis Statistics

In 2018, 496 confirmed or probable cases of anaplasmosis (8.9 cases per 100,000 population) were reported in Minnesota, down from the 638 cases reported in 2017.

  • 307 cases (62%) were male.
  • Median age of cases was 61 years (range, 2 to 92 years), 17 years older than the median age of confirmed Lyme disease cases.
  • 72% of cases reported illness onsets in June and July.
  • 132 (27%) cases were hospitalized at some point for their infection with a median duration of 4 days hospitalization (range, 2 to 33 days).

Despite some annual fluctuations in reported cases, the overall trend is an increase in yearly case totals over time with a median of 627 cases reported per year since 2010.

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Most anaplasmosis cases report likely exposure to blacklegged ticks in the same east-central and north-central Minnesota counties where the risk of Lyme disease is greatest.

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