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About the Walk with Ease Program

Walking to relieve joint pain and arthritis symptoms

Keeping active can help relieve arthritis pain and improve symptoms like joint stiffness or fatigue. Moderate activity can help you improve your quality of life. There are many great ways to get active, including walking.

Walk with Ease is a program for people with arthritis, joint pain and stiffness, or other chronic conditions. It is an evidence-based program that teaches you to start walking safely and stick with it. It doesn’t matter whether you already walk regularly, want to start walking again, or if you haven’t yet started. 

Finding Your Stride: The Self-Directed Walk with Ease Program (YouTube).

How can Walk with Ease help me?

The evidence shows that doing the Walk with Ease program can help to:

  • Reduce arthritis pain and stiffness.
  • Feel less tired.
  • Increase stamina, strength, and balance.
  • Be more active and independent.
  • Feel more confident.
  • Manage your pain.
  • Learn more about physical activity and arthritis management.
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Program options

You can choose to participate in the program in two formats:

Minnesota self-directed Walk with Ease

The self-directed Walk with Ease program is available for all Minnesota residents and is brought to you by the Minnesota Department of Health in partnership with the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance.

Watch a video from the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance:  Introduction to the Walk with Ease Portal (YouTube)

This format will guide you to achieve your goals, do activities, walk on your own, and record your success. You will learn to walk safely and effectively with the help of the portal and the Walk with Ease Guidebook.  

You can access this portal using a laptop computer, smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Using the portal, you will create a secure and free account and register for the program.

If you use a device like a cane or walker to help you get around, you can still do the program.

How do I get started?

  • To sign-up, visit Start Walk with Ease.
  • Create a free Walk with Ease account and complete the online registration.
  • Purchase the Walk with Ease Guidebook.
  • When the book comes in the mail, log into your account and start the six-week program.
  • Log-in each week to track your progress and read the recommended chapters in the guidebook.

During the six-week program, you will receive weekly emails to help guide you through the program. The weekly emails will provide encouragement and tips to support your goals. When you finish the program, you will be asked to complete a brief evaluation. Your feedback is critical and will help us continue to improve the program.

Group Walk with Ease

This leader-led format is a more formal program. Thr group meets three times a week for six weeks. Trained group leaders begin each session with a pre-walk discussion covering a specified topic related to arthritis and physical activity, followed by a 10-40 minute walk. Participants will learn to do pre-walk warm-up stretching and post-walk cool-down stretching. There are lots of community programs available. To find a class, visit Your Juniper.

If your organization would like to offer Walk with Ease, contact health.arthritis@state.mn.us

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