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Asthma Resources and Information For Health Care Professionals - Minnesota Department of Health

Asthma Resources and Information For Health Care Professionals

Providing guideline-driven, top-notch asthma care and improving the quality of life for every person who lives with asthma should be the goal of health care professionals treating asthma patients.

  • Patient-Centered Asthma Care

  • Tools and information needed to diagnose, treat, and teach effective self-management skills to patients and families.
  • Asthma Home-Based Services

  • Resources and educational tools to support health-based organizations and local public health agencies in developing programs to support asthma home-based services.
  • Asthma Medications

  • Medication posters designed to assist school health office staff, pharmacists, asthma educators and primary care clinic staff in providing asthma education to asthma patients and their families.


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