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Asthma Management in Schools

School staff are essential partners in helping students to successfully manage their asthma. School health office staff must work closely with school personnel as well as students, parents, and health care providers. But in order to provide care for students effectively, parents and their children's health care providers need to work as partners with schools by providing crucial information about students asthma health. After all, healthy children learn better.

While not a comprehensive list, these pages offer guidance and resources for school staff to help them identify, prevent and manage asthma symptoms in the school setting.

  • Managing Asthma in Minnesota Schools

  • Information and resources designed to inform school personnel about asthma and to share practices that help ensure a safe learning environment for students with asthma.
  • Asthma Friendly Schools Mini Grants

  • Mini-grant funding opportunities for Minnesota schools to provide asthma education, track asthma data, assess and develop school policies, build partnerships and communities awareness or 'build your own" asthma projects; offered by the MDH Asthma Program.
  • School Resources

  • School policies and templates (health office & environmental), educational and information resources, tools and forms for the school health office.
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