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Skin Infections

The three most common skin infections in athletes are:

These infections can lead to:

  • Lost playing time
  • Wounds or rashes that keep coming back
  • Hair loss
  • Scarring, sometimes on face
  • Rarely, serious life-threatening infections if not treated quickly

Get it checked out. Don’t wait.

  • Report any skin problems to your athletic trainer, school nurse, coach, or health care provider.
  • Tell your health care provider you participate in competitive sports.
  • Check with league rules if you have questions about participation.

What are the risk factors for passing skin infections from one person to another?

  • Skin-to-skin contact
    • Wrestling and football are the sports with the most number of outbreaks.
    • Outbreaks have been reported among participants in many other sports .
  • Inadequate hand washing .
  • Sharing sweaty or dirty clothes, towels, or equipment.
  • Breaks in the skin, sores, or open wounds particularly if they are draining fluid and are not covered by a bandage that covers the entire wound.
  • Not showering after every practice or game.

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