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Babesiosis Statistics

In 2018, 49 confirmed and probable babesiosis cases (1.1 per 100,000 population) were reported in Minnesota, down slightly from the 59 cases in 2017.

    • 33 (67%) of the cases occurred in males.
    • Median case age was 64 years (range, 5 to 84 years), older than the median ages for both anaplasmosis (61 years) and Lyme disease (44 years).
    • 86% of patients reported illness onsets in June, July, or August.
    • 15 (31%) cases were hospitalized for their infection for a median duration of 4 days hospitalization (range, 2 to 10 days).

Despite slight annual fluctuations, the overall trend is increasing over the years.

  • Case totals since 2009 (range, 31 to 72) have been consistently higher than reported totals from 2000 to 2008 (range, 1 to 29).

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Most babesiosis cases report likely exposure to blacklegged ticks in the same east-central, north-central, and southeast Minnesota counties where the risk of Lyme disease is greatest.

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