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These state-level indicators are a set of population-level measures meant to present a broad picture of heart disease and stroke in Minnesota. They were chosen by the Minnesota Department of Health CVH Unit and are shared with partners and the public in order to increase understanding of ways cardiovascular disease and its risk factors affect many people in our state. Behavioral health indicators such as tobacco use, nutrition, and physical activity are not shown here, but can found at the CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance (BRFSS) Prevalence & Trends Data website.

Please click on the italicized indicator title to view more information about the indicator including an overview of the data, deeper analysis of the indicator, including related health disparities, the data source, and additional resources (if available).

Short-term progress on these indicators is assessed and reported using green for improving, yellow for stable or mixed, and red for getting worse. This assessment looks at statistically-significant changes at the 95% confidence level for indicators that have calculated confidence bounds, or a change of 5 percentage points in either direction for those without calculated confidence bounds. The change must be maintained for at least two measurement periods. Long-term change that does not match short-term progress is described in more detail in the analysis tab.

Overall Heart Disease & Stroke Indicators

Indicator Date of Most Recent Measure Current Measure
Heart Disease Death Rate 2020118.1 per
Stroke Death Rate 202032.1 per
Heart Disease Hospitalization Rate


2018731.3 per 100,000
Stroke Hospitalization Rate


2018196.6 per 100,000

Disease Prevention and Management Indicators

Indicator Date of Most Recent Measure Current Measure
Blood Pressure Medication Adherence


2015ACE/ARB: 78.3%
Diuretics: 72.7%

Treatment Indicators

Indicator Date of Most Recent Measure Current Measure
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