Cardiovascular Health Unit - Minnesota Department of Health

About Us: Cardiovascular Health

Our mission

To improve cardiovascular health and reduce the burden of heart disease and stroke for all people living in Minnesota.

Our vision

That all people in Minnesota are heart-healthy and stroke-free.

We work to prevent, treat and manage cardiovascular disease

The Minnesota Department of Health strengthens Minnesota communities to be heart-healthy and stroke-free by:

  • Bringing people across the state to work together toward a common goal
  • Riding Nice Rides past the Minnesota State Capitol
  • Using data to inform changes in the community and health care
  • Helping organizations with content expertise, project planning/management and evaluation
  • Sharing important information and resources with the public and healthcare professionals
  • Making sure that all people have the same access to information, quality health care and support
  • Leading statewide strategies for individuals, communities and organizations to work together

Minnesota Cardiovascular Health Alliance

We convene the Cardiovascular Health Alliance, a voluntary organization of health professionals and community members who meet quarterly to address cardiovascular disease. The group guides, promotes and participates in the Minnesota Cardiovascular Health State Plan development and implementation.

Contact Us

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