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Businesses and Employers: COVID-19 - Minnesota Dept. of Health
CDC has updated their COVID-19 guidance to help you better understand how to protect yourself and others, and what to do if you test positive or are exposed. More information is available at CDC: How to Protect Yourself and Others. MDH is actively working on updating our website and materials.

Businesses and Employers: COVID-19

Businesses and employers can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect employee health and safety in the workplace by following standard COVID-19 prevention measures.

Check Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 by County to find the COVID-19 community level for the county or counties where the workplace is located and where the employees live, and encourage employees to follow the prevention strategies for that level.

Employee safety

Under Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws, many employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm. For employer resources on these obligations visit:

Employee health

For recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as improving ventilation, staying home when sick, and accessing testing, visit Protect Yourself & Others.

Visit Masks: COVID-19 for recommendations on when to wear a mask.

Refer to If You Are Sick or Test Positive for guidance on isolation. For information on what to do after exposure, refer to CDC: What to Do If You Were Exposed to COVID-19.

Employers can support employees who are taking steps to prevent spread by establishing flexible, non-punitive, sick leave policies for isolation and exposure measures.

Employee protections

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has resources on employee protections including:

Employers should also be aware that Minnesota Statutes, section 144.4196 provides protections when people stay home during an isolation or quarantine period recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health, or who have responsibility for the care of a person (minor or certain adults) who is subject to isolation or quarantine. Employers are prohibited from taking adverse employment actions action against employees covered by the statute, including discharge, discipline, threatening, or penalizing a qualifying employee, or otherwise discriminating in the work terms, conditions, location, or privileges of the employee.

Additional resources

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