About the Diabetes and Health Behavior Unit - Minnesota Department of Health

About the Diabetes and Health Behavior Unit


To work with communities to prevent diabetes and improve the lives of all Minnesotans affected by diabetes.


All Minnesotans have access to high quality education, health care and supportive environments to ensure they can live the healthiest lives possible.

Serving Minnesota

The Diabetes and Health Behavior Unit serves Minnesota in four ways:

  • Utilizing trend data to raise awareness, monitor progress and inform strategies to reduce incidence of diabetes and prediabetes in Minnesota
  • Promoting and supporting healthy behaviors for people with diabetes and those at risk for type 2 diabetes.
  • Supporting improvements in the health care system that address diabetes prevention and care.
  • Partnering with communities to increase and sustain local diabetes prevention and diabetes management programs.


The Diabetes and Health Behavior Unit works across Minnesota with local public health, communities, health care systems, health care providers, businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, faith communities  and others to increase awareness about diabetes, diabetes prevention and proven diabetes management and lifestyle programs. We collaborate with partners to address barriers and improve systems so it is as easy as possible for all individuals to get the information, support, and services they need.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the major funder for the Diabetes and Health Behavior Unit’s work in Minnesota.

Contact Us

To reach out to the Diabetes and Health Behavior Unit, contact health.diabetes@state.mn.us.

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