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HIV Testing

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HIV Testing Clinic and Outreach Sites
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Early diagnosis of HIV is critical in order to start treatment and live a long and healthy life with HIV. Everyone aged 13 -64 should be tested for HIV at least once, and if you are sexually active or share syringes or other injection equipment you should be tested yearly. All pregnant people should be tested for HIV because treatment is available that substantially reduces the risk of Perinatal (Mother-to-Child) Transmission of HIV.

HIV Testing Clinic and Outreach Sites

The following organizations are funded by the Minnesota Department of Health to offer free and confidential rapid HIV antibody testing. Please note that getting an HIV test looks different right now. Call ahead before going in. Testing sites might:

  • Have the client call before entering the building.
  • Limit number of people inside the clinic.
  • Ask clients to use an oral HIV test kit & leave their sample. 
  • Have the client get tested alone in a separate room.
  • Provide an at-home oral HIV test kit by mail.
  • Something else, changes vary by site.


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