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Forms for the Infectious Disease Laboratory

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Submission and Testing Forms
COVID-19 Special Request Forms
Antibiotic Resistance (AR) Laboratory Network
Special Projects/Other Forms
CDC Select Agent Forms
Instructions, Helpful Hints, and Feedback

Submission and Testing Forms

All forms are printable and fillable and optimized for Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Adobe. Forms will be updated often to add functionality, please bookmark this page to use most current version.

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Antibiotic Resistance (AR) Laboratory Network

Sampling and Handling Guidance

Other MDH Forms

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CDC Forms

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Instructions, Helpful Hints and Feedback


Certain fields are required by CLIA, so please read the instructions for each form carefully. Failure to provide required information delays testing while we contact the lab for the missing information. Please be sure to check the forms before sending samples to make sure that all necessary information is provided.

Helpful Hints

Since MDH-PHL serves the entire state of Minnesota and beyond it is important that the submitter information is complete. Please do not enter a facility acronym. If there are several clinics and/or hospitals with the same "system" name, please be sure to provide the city or other unique identifier to distinguish which facility is actually submitting the specimen and requesting the testing. Both of these tips will assist MDH-PHL in getting results to the proper submitter.


Please submit comments or problems with MDH-PHL forms by email to We would like to hear feedback so that we can make these forms as user friendly and functional as possible.

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