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Information for Health Professionals about Jamestown Canyon Virus

Jamestown Canyon virus is a Bunyavirus within the California serogroup. The virus is very closely related to La Crosse encephalitis virus and may exhibit cross-reactivity on serologic test results. JCV is widespread throughout North America and can be transmitted by several different species of mosquitoes throughout the spring and summer in Minnesota. Human cases of JCV may present with acute onset of fever, headache, flu-like symptoms, or meningoencephalitis. No vaccine or specific antiviral treatment is available. Treatment involves supportive care and management of complications until the illness resolves.

Required Disease Reporting

  • Reporting Arboviral Disease
    Jamestown Canyon virus is reportable as an "Arboviral disease." Healthcare providers and clinical laboratories are required to report cases to the Minnesota Department of Health.

MDH staff are available to provide clinical consultation regarding testing and diagnosis of Jamestown Canyon virus and other mosquitoborne diseases. Call 651-201-5414 for a clinical consultation.

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