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Lyme Disease Statistics

In 2018, 950 confirmed Lyme disease cases (17 cases per 100,000 population) were reported in Minnesota. In addition, 591 probable cases (physician-diagnosed cases that did not meet clinical evidence criteria for a confirmed case but that had laboratory evidence of infection) were reported.

      • 588 (62%) confirmed cases were male
      • Median case age was 44 years (range, 1 to 91 years)
      • 601 (63%) cases had a physician-diagnosed erythema migrans rash (e.g., Bull’s eye rash)
      • 389 (41%) cases had one or more late manifestations of Lyme disease (e.g., arthritis or Bell’s Palsy) with confirmation by Western immunoblot laboratory testing (positive IgM ≤ 30 days post-onset or positive IgG).
      • Of the 876 cases with known illness onset dates, illness onsets peaked from June through August with 69% of erythema migrans rashes occurring in June or July.

    Despite some yearly fluctuations, the number of reported cases of Lyme disease has been increasing over the years.

    • Median number of cases reported from 2000 to 2008 was 913 cases (range, 463 to 1,239).
    • Median number of cases reported from 2009 through 2017 was 1,203 cases (range, 896 to 1,431).

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Interactive facts and figures available through MN Public Health Data Access. Includes reported cases of Lyme disease in Minnesota by year, month, age, sex, and symptom as well as a map of Lyme disease cases over time.

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In recent years, most Lyme disease cases reported likely exposure to blacklegged (deer) ticks in east-central, north-central, and southeast Minnesota.

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