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Giardiasis, 2008: DCN - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Giardiasis, 2008

During 2008, 765 cases of Giardia infection (14.7 per 100,000) were reported. This represents a 15% decrease from the 904 cases reported in 2007 and a 34% decrease from the median number of cases reported annually from 1998 through 2007 (median, 1,166 cases; range, 851 to 1,556). Of the total number of Giardia cases for 2008, 19% represented positive tests during routine screenings of recent immigrants and refugees.

The median age for all case-patients reported in 2008 was 19 years (range, 1 month to 99 years). The median age among non-immigrant cases was 26.5 years (range, 1 month to 91 years). Twenty-three percent of cases were 4 years of age or younger, and only 18% of cases were over 50 years of age. There was one outbreak of giardiasis identified in Minnesota in 2008; this was an outbreak of Giardia and Cryptosporidium hominis infections associated with a membership club swimming pool.

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