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A Good Offense Is Still The Best Defense!

Staph prevention poster for athletes.

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Our Opponent: Staph

Here’s the game plan to Sack staph!


  • Do wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water!!!
  • Do wash your clothes and towels daily!
  • Do use a clean, dry, towel!
  • Do keep cuts and scrapes, no matter how small, clean and covered!
  • Do wash your hands! This is the best way to prevent the spread of Staph and other infectious diseases!
  • Do tell your coach, athletic trainer, or school nurse if you have an insect bite, spider bite, boil, or sore bump.


  • Don’t share towels!
  • Don’t share soap! Bring your own and keep it in your locker.
  • Don’t come in contact with other people’s wounds and bandages!
  • Don’t place your hands and fingers near your nose and groin!

Don’t let Staph take you out of the game . . .
wash your hands!
wash your hands!
wash your hands!

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