Risk Assessment Tool: HIV/STD/Hepatitis - Minnesota Dept. of Health

STD, HIV, and Hepatitis Risk Assessment

It’s important when seeing a patient to know what tests are needed, what threats they may have to their health, and what further referrals may need to be made. When it comes to STDs, HIV, and Hepatitis, that means taking a good risk assessment.

Additional Risk Assessment Questions

The following risk assessment questions can also be used while conducting a risk assessment.

  • Have you ever received a tattoo or piercing from an unlicensed artist, or while incarcerated, or using unsterile equipment?
    Certain settings and situations increase the risk of infection during a tattoo. Non-sterile settings such as prisons, homes, or by unlicensed artists would be considered a higher risk and testing for HIV and or HCV should be considered. For more information, see HCV & Tattoos, a fact sheet from the Hepatitis C Support Project.
  • Were you born outside of the United States? If so, where were you born?
    Certain areas of the globe experience higher rates of HIV and viral hepatitis infections. It may be important if you are working with foreign-born clients to assess their need for testing based on their region of origin and whether they have received testing in the past.

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