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Reporting Streptococcal Disease

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What to report
How to report
Who is required to report
Submitting clinical materials

What to report

Streptococcal disease must be reported to MDH within one working day.

  • Report all invasive Streptococcal disease caused by:
    • Group A Streptococci
    • Group B Streptococci
    • S. pneumoniae
  • And positive S. pneumoniae urine antigens for both invasive and non-invasive infections

Isolates are considered to be from invasive disease if they are isolated from normally sterile sites.

How to report Streptococcal disease

Submitting clinical materials

For Streptococcal disease, submission of clinical materials (isolate, if available) to MDH is required by rule (except for urine).

Who is required to report

  • Health care practitioners (health care facilities, medical laboratories, and in certain circumstances veterinarians and veterinary medical laboratories) are required to report disease to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) under Minnesota state law.
    • Unless previously reported, every licensed health care provider who provides care to any patient who has, is suspected of having, or has died from a reportable disease is required to report.
  • Any person in charge of any institution, school, child care facility, or camp is also required to report disease to MDH.

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