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Video Directly Observed Therapy (VDOT) for the Treatment of Tuberculosis - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Video Directly Observed Therapy (VDOT) Tool Kit

Video Directly Observed Therapy (VDOT) is the use of a videophone or other video/computer equipment to observe tuberculosis (TB) patients taking their medications remotely. The method is promising as a flexible and less invasive option to help ensure TB patients complete their treatment successfully.

This toolkit from the Minnesota Department of Health TB Prevention and Control Program provides background information on VDOT as well as example templates to be adapted for local implementation of VDOT.

Disclaimer of Medical and Legal Advice: The following tool kit is provided for information only. The information does not represent legal or medical advice you can rely on. You should consult your licensed prescriber and lawyer for the appropriate advice.

Background & Resources

These documents are provided as background information on the implementation of VDOT as well as practice-related resources for VDOT at the local level.

Templates for Local Adaptation

These documents are provided as optional templates to support implementation of VDOT at the local level. MDH does not provide legal advice so these documents should be reviewed and adapted at the local level with local legal counsel input before use.

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