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Provide Training: Respiratory Protection - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Provide Training: Respiratory Protection

Employers must provide effective training to employees who are required to use respirators.

Training Requirements

  • Why the respirator is necessary
  • Limitations and capabilities of the respirator
  • How to inspect, put on and remove, use and check the seal
  • Maintenance and storage
  • Recognition of medical signs and symptoms that may limit or prevent effective use
  • General requirements of the OSHA standard

  • Training also includes education on such issues as:
    • The mode of airborne infectious disease transmission
    • Signs and symptoms of airborne infectious diseases
    • Medical surveillance and therapy
    • Site specific protocol

  • Training must be provided prior to use, unless acceptable training has been provided by another employer within the past 12 months

  • Retraining is required annually, and when:
    • changes in the workplace or type of respirator render previous training obsolete
    • there are inadequacies in the employee’s knowledge or use
    • any other situation arises in which retraining appears necessary

Step 6: Fit Testing

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