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Mortuary Science Announcements

Mortuary Science Announcements

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September 20, 2022: CDC guidance for autopsy and handling human remains of patients with monkeypox

The CDC has released guidance on Autopsy and Handling of Human Remains of Patients with Monkeypox, for personnel who perform post-mortem care of remains for patients with confirmed or suspected monkeypox. If you have a suspected case, have questions about submitting samples to CDC for testing or other concerns, please contact Stacy Holzbauer at 651-201-5592 or stacy.holzbauer@state.mn.us.

Mortuary Science continuing education no longer needs pre-approval

The Minnesota Department of Health will no longer pre-approve continuing education (CE) hours, and has revised the Mortuary Science Continuing Education Report Form to reflect these changes. This will be a more efficient way for licensees to submit and attest to their completed CE hours.

As a convenience, MDH is providing links to the organizations that offer Continuing Education events. You can find a list of organizations offering CEs on the Mortuary Science Continuing Education page.

Updated guidance: Testing decedents for COVID-19

People who have signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19 may die for a variety of reasons prior to being tested for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has worked with medical examiners, coroners, and morticians to provide post-mortem SARS-CoV-2 testing supplies by request, as outlined by CDC: Collection and Submission of Postmortem Specimens from Deceased Persons with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19.

This guidance is intended for morticians, funeral homes, and crematories and provides instructions on how to request supplies from MDH and administer COVID-19 tests to decedents. Questions about this guidance can be directed to Health.Mortsci@state.mn.us.

See the full document here: Testing Decedents for COVID-19 (PDF)

New Mortuary Science Licensing Exam is open!

We are pleased to announce the online, on-demand Minnesota Mortuary Science Licensing Exam is open and available for interns and morticians seeking a license through reciprocity. We are excited to offer the exam in a way that meets the needs and demands of the industry.

  • Eligible students or morticians seeking reciprocity can register for the exam at Mortuary Science State Licensing Exam.
  • The cost is $125.
  • A test date will be scheduled with the applicant.
  • The exam is scored immediately, which allows the newly licensed mortician to begin practicing and has built-in security features which protect the integrity of the exam and the identity of the applicant.

When you are ready to take the exam, please register using the link above. If you have questions about the new exam, please contact us at health.mortsci@state.mn.us.

Guides for addressing deaths by suicide and overdose

Funeral director resource guides are now available to provide a resource for having difficult discussions addressing deaths by suicide and overdoses.

Difficult Conversations: A Guide for Funeral Directors Addressing Deaths by Suicide (PDF)

Difficult conversations: A guide for Funeral Directors Addressing Deaths by Drug Overdose (PDF)

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