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Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist (SLP/AUD) Disciplinary Actions

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To view disciplinary actions against certified hearing instrument dispensers in Minnesota, visit the HID Disciplinary Actions webpage.

Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) Disciplinary Actions

Practitioner Name: Blowers, Todd - SLP License 5689
Effective Date: November 5, 2016
Disciplinary Results: Revocation for debt
View Todd Blowers Notice (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Brandt, Becky - SLP License 6144
Effective Date: February 2006
Disciplinary Results: Revocation and civil penalty
View Becky Brandt Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Doelp, Kasandra St. Clair - SLP License 8867
Effective Date: February 2018
Disciplinary Results: Suspension, Civil Penalty
View Doelp Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Hawkinson, Denise Lynn - SLP License 8384
Effective Date: March 21, 2014
Disciplinary Results: Suspension
View Denise Hawkinson Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Johnson, Lysa Naydyn - SLP License 9040
Effective Date: July 2015
Disciplinary Results: Conditional License, continuing education and civil penalty
View Lysa Johnson Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Imes, Mary - SLP License 5776
Effective Date: January 2002
Disciplinary Results: Revocation
View Mary Imes Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Lah, Catherine - SLP License 7013
Effective Date: October 2007
Disciplinary Results: One-year supervision, continuing education and civil penalty
View Catherine Lah Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: McDevitt Kraljic, Mary Agnes - SLP License 7837
Effective Date: October 31, 2016
Disciplinary Results: Conditions removed
Effective Date: March 2009
Disciplinary Results: Conditional License
View Mary McDevitt Kraljic Determinations (PDF)

Practitioner Name: McManus, Katherine M - SLP License 7861
Effective Date: November 2011
Disciplinary Results: Conditional License and Civil Penalty
Effective Date: December 6, 2016
Determination Results: Conditions Removed
View Katherine McManus Determinations (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Skokan, Julie R - SLP License 7330
Effective Date: March 2011
Disciplinary Results: Revoked
View Julie Skokan Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Solie, Nancy Marie SLP License 6470
Effective Date: March 2012
Disciplinary Results: Suspension
View Nancy Solie Determination (PDF)

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Audiologist (AUD) Disciplinary Actions

Practitioner Name: Bauleke, Christine - Aud License 7549
Effective Date: April 2006
Disciplinary Results: Future renewals to be denied
View Christine Bauleke Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Beck, Walter - Aud License 6342
Effective Date: April 2002
Disciplinary Results: Revocation
View Walter Beck Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Caughlan Pederson, Carreen - Aud License 7065
Effective Date: April 2006
Disciplinary Results: Future renewals to be denied
View Carreen Caughlan Pederson Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Davis, Wendy E. - Aud License 7170
Effective Date: June 2015
Disciplinary Results: Reprimand, Civil Penalty
View Wendy Davis Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Grong, Linda S. - Aud License 5026
Effective Date: April 10, 2014
Disciplinary Results: License retired effective February 21, 2014
View Linda Grong Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Logan, Linda - Aud License 5713
Effective Date: August 2014
Disciplinary Results: Conditions met, suspension lifted
Effective Date:
January 2006
Disciplinary Results: Suspension
Effective Date: August 2001
Disciplinary Results: Must reapply, submit 72 continuing education hours, civil penalties and cannot supervise for five years
View Linda Logan Determinations (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Nelson, Barbara Elaine - Aud License 6189
Effective Date: February 2006
Disciplinary Results: Suspension
View Barbara Nelson Determinations (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Pacovsky, Frank John - Aud License 5960
Effective Date: June 2012
Disciplinary Results: Civil penalty, continuing education
View Frank Pacovsky Determination (PDF)

Practitioner Name: Zander, Daniel - Aud License 7314
Effective Date: March 2010
Disciplinary Results: Civil penalty, continuing education
View Daniel Zander Determination (PDF)

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