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Hospital and Critical Access Hospital License

To apply to operate as a licensed Hospital or Critical Access Hospital in the State of Minnesota, please use the information and forms on this page. These forms are intended for use as reference. Minnesota currently has a moratorium law (MN Statute 144.551) restricting the establishment of new hospitals or the licensure of additional hospital beds.

Please do not use these forms to renew a current license. Currently licensed providers will receive separate notification and instructions for licensure renewal from the Department of Health. Licensed hospitals must adhere to the Federal Medicare Conditions of Participation as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations.

If you have questions regarding this license, please contact the Licensing and Certification Program at 651-201-4101 or email to obtain additional clarification.

Required Forms and Documents

In accordance with MN Statute 144.55, subdivision 3, Federal Medicare Hospital Conditions of Participation as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations are the minimum standards for hospital licensure.

Hospitals that intend to close a facility or campus, relocate services, or stop offering certain services are required to notify MDH at least 120 days in advance and participate in a public hearing per Minnesota Statutes Section 31.

The notification requirements and form are available on the Hospital Closure and Change in Services page.

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