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Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) Center Licensure

This page contains information and forms required to apply to operate as a PPEC center in Minnesota.

Required Forms and Documents

Please read and understand all applicable documents, statutes and rules listed below before making an application for this license.

Related Statutes

Related Rules

Related Codes

Application Process

We will need to verify all documentation before issuing a license. We may also do an on-site inspection.

  • MDH receives complete PPEC application with fee.
  • MDH receives construction plan submittal form and plan review fee. For more information: Construction Plan Submittal Process. (Initial applications: HFID portion of submittal form should be left blank.)
  • MDH verifies the entity legally responsible for the operation of the facility is registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State.
  • MDH verifies Inspection/Survey Clearance issued by Engineering Services.
  • MDH verifies Inspection/Survey Clearance issued by State Fire Marshal.
  • MDH verifies Inspection/Survey Clearance issued by MDH health surveyors.

Renewal Process

  • Renewal applications are due every two years. MDH will send each PPEC a renewal letter and application prior to the expiration date. Renewal applications should be submitted at least 30 days before the current license expires (see MN Statute 144H.04).

Other Important Information

  • MDH regulates and oversee PPEC centers with surveys and complaint investigations.
  • A PPEC is responsible for submitting notification and construction plans for remodeling projects (see construction plan submittal for more information).
  • PPEC centers must be in compliance with all applicable state requirements.

If you are unsure this is the correct license for your business or have questions, please contact the Licensing and Certification Program at 651-201-4200 or email to obtain additional clarification

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