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Freestanding Outpatient Surgical Center Licensing

This page contains information and forms required to make application to operate as a licensed Freestanding Outpatient Surgical Center in Minnesota.

See Federal Certification Process for Ambulatory Surgical Centers for additional information and forms required for participation as a Medicare-certified Ambulatory Surgical Center.

Please do not use these forms to renew a current license. Currently licensed providers will receive separate notification and instructions for licensure renewal from the Department of Health.

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Required Forms and Documents

Please read and understand all applicable documents, statutes and rules listed below before applying for this license.

  • License Application (PDF)
  • Contact the Minnesota Secretary of State and file a Certificate of Assumed Name
  • When MDH has received the license application, MDH will assign a Health Facility Identification (HFID) number to the facility. Before any inspections can be done, the MDH engineer will review and approve construction plans.
  • See Engineering Services for plan review submittal process.
  • We will send a request for survey to MDH engineers, the state fire marshal (FMS) and MDH health supervisor who will coordinate the licensing survey.
  • Once we have received the clearances from the engineer, SFM and health supervisor, we will issue the license. The effective date of the license will be the date of the last clearance.
  • After the license is effective, the surgical center may begin to schedule procedures.

Related Statutes and Rules

Bill of Rights

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