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Food Safety On The Go: Cooking Away From Home

Preparing foods away from home can be tricky. Food safety tips and information for preparing food for groups, bringing leftovers or take-out home, cooking when traveling, and packing lunches.

  • Cooking for Groups (Buffets and Picnics)
    Consumer information about preparing and serving food for large groups. Information to help volunteers prepare and serve food safely for large groups such as family reunions, church dinners, and community gatherings.

  • Summer Food Safety
    The number of people who get sick from food poisoning goes up in the summer. Be sure you and your family aren't among them.

  • Food Safety Outdoors
    General rules for outdoor food safety when boating, camping, or hiking.

  • Food Safety When You Are Traveling
    Simple principles that can help you avoid foodborne illness when you are traveling and tips for foodborne illness prevention for all travellers.

  • Packing Lunches and Take-out/Leftovers
    Proper handling of the food and the leftovers is essential to ensure the food is safe for you to eat, get great tips for packing a meal for work or school and keeping it safe to prevent the risk of foodborne illness.

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