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Handling and Preparing Specific Foods

Food safety tips and information for handling specific foods like eggs, home made ice cream, wild game, turkey, hamburger, fish, and fruits and vegetables.

  • Frozen Chicken
    Some frozen chicken entrees look like they’re cooked—but they’re not!

  • Eggs
    Eggs can be a part of a healthy diet. However, they are perishable just like raw meat, poultry, and fish. To be safe, they must be properly refrigerated and cooked.

  • Home Made Ice Cream
    Food safety tips for making and eating home made ice cream.

  • Wild Game Meat
    Food safety information on deer, farm-raised game, rabbit, bison, and other game meats.

  • Turkey
    Food safety tips for handling, thawing, roasting, storing, and reheating turkey.

  • Hamburger
    Food safety tips for handling and preparing hamburger.

  • Fish and Seafood
    Safe fish handling and fish consumption advice.

  • Fruits and Vegetables
    Information about washing and preserving fresh fruits and vegetables and using caution with untreated fruit and vegetable juice.

  • Raw (Untreated) Milk
    Raw milk and raw dairy products have not been heat treated or pasteurized to kill germs. Each year, people become ill from drinking raw milk and eating foods made from raw dairy products.

  • Irradiation and Pasteurization

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