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Food Safety in Schools

For Food Workers

  • Food Business Safety
    Food safety in restaurants, cafes, and other food and beverage establishments. Including food manager certification, food and beverage establishment licensing, regulations and food code, and more about keeping food safe in food business.

  • Foodworker Illness Awareness
    Workers who prepare food while experiencing diarrhea and/or vomiting are frequently linked to foodborne illness outbreaks in restaurants and other retail food outlets.
    Restrictions | Decision Guide | Posters

  • Food Safety and Sanitation
    Minnesota Department of Education website for School Nutrition Program sponsors about food safety and sanitation requirements including: food handling and storage practices, inspections, and emergency readiness planning. Attention: Non-MDH link

  • National School Lunch Program
    Information about inspections for schools and sites participating in the National School Lunch Program. This information is comprised of tables and reports for schools and sites where food safety inspections were performed in each school year.

  • Vomit Clean Up (PDF)
    A poster for food workers on the proper steps to take to clean up from a vomiting incident.

For Parents and Caregivers

Teaching Students

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