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Germs Are Tough - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Germs Are Tough

This poster teaches about germs.

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Germs are Tough (PDF)

Image of Germs are Tough poster.

  • Virus can be transferred from dry smooth surface up to 20 minutes after being contaminated.
  • Some viruses can travel on droplets through the air.

  • E. coli, salmonella and other bacteria can live up to two hours on surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, and tables.

  • Bacteria doubles every 20 minutes.
    • Five bacteria in a sandwich at 12:00 noon will total over 10 million by 7 pm. After three days, with no bacteria dying, there would be enough to cover the earth.

  • Microorganisms can build up resistance to drugs (antibiotic resistance) intended to kill them.

  • Hot water will not kill bacteria—only temperatures over 140 degrees can kill them.

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