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Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry

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The Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry (MFAR) is for fathers who:

  • Were not married to the mother of their presumed child when the child was born, and
  • Have not asked a court to name them as the child’s legal father, or
  • Have not signed a Recognition of Parentage form with the child’s mother, and
  • Want to know if their presumed child is in the adoption process

Before an adoption becomes final in Minnesota, the law requires a search of MFAR. The purpose of the MFAR search is to find out if a putative father has registered. The court must have proof of the MFAR search before it will complete the adoption.

A man registered with MFAR and found in a search, must, by law be sent a notification. Upon receiving the notification, the father can decide if he wants to participate in decisions regarding his child.

Registering with MFAR is voluntary. There is no registration fee. To find out how to register with MFAR, see MFAR Registration Information.

MFAR places time limits on a man’s chance to establish his rights. The time limits help stabilize the adoption process.

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