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MFAR Searches - County Professionals

To request a search, complete the Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry (MFAR) Search Request (PDF) form. Send the form and fees to the address on the form. MFAR will not perform a search without payment.

Child protection and permanency workers

Child protection and permanency workers:

  • Inform putative fathers about MFAR
  • Find fathers who want to pursue paternity
  • Find the child’s paternal relatives for possible foster care or permanent placement

County child protection staff may request MFAR searches 30 days after the birth in juvenile protection matters unrelated to adoption.

County social services

Social services agencies that are petitioners in juvenile protection matters may request searches of MFAR at any time.

Child support workers

Child support workers (CSW):

  • Tell putative fathers about MFAR
  • Facilitate paternity testing
  • Inform putative fathers about becoming legal fathers
  • Establish child support obligations

CSWs setting up child support obligations may request a search of MFAR to find out a father’s registration status. In this case, MFAR waives the $25 search fee.

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