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MFAR Searches - Birth Mothers

When a putative father registers with MFAR, he can give the name and address of his presumed child’s mother. If the putative father puts the mother’s information on the registration form, MFAR will send her notice of his registration. The mother will not receive notice if her address is wrong or not on the registration form.

A mother may request a search of the Minnesota Fathers’ Adoption Registry at any time. She must fill out a Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry Search Request (PDF) form and send it with the required fee. MFAR cannot perform a search without payment. The results of the search will either prove the putative father’s MFAR registration or that he has not registered. The mother may notify the putative father of the search results.

Attorneys may request a search of MFAR on behalf of a mother or prospective adoptive parent(s).

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