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WIC Breastfeeding and You - Minnesota Dept. of Health

WIC Breastfeeding and You

WIC Supports Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding benefits babies and parents. The Minnesota WIC program provides one-on-one support before and during a parent’s breastfeeding journey. WIC also talks about the importance of breastfeeding with pregnant and new parents and provides resources to help WIC families reach their breastfeeding goals.

WIC is here for you:
Learn about why breastfeeding is important for you, your baby, and your family.

Talk about any thoughts and concerns you have about breastfeeding.

Plan and prepare for breastfeeding.

Learn about breast pumps and ways to continue breastfeeding when returning to work or school.

Learn about breastfeeding resources and services in your community.

Receive extra foods to support your nutrition as you feed your baby. Find out what foods you receive while breastfeeding in the WIC Breastfeeding Food Package.

Join early in your pregnancy to get the most out of WIC. Visit the WIC Breastfeeding Reports & Data webpage to learn more about how joining WIC earlier can improve outcomes, including breastfeeding.

Peer Breastfeeding Support

Peers are past or current WIC participants with personal breastfeeding experience.

They are trained to help provide support and answer common questions for WIC participants.

Peers provide information for normal breastfeeding situations and refer to local breastfeeding experts for issues beyond their scope of practice.

    An evaluation of the Peer program, Associations Between Peer Counseling and Breastfeeding Initiation and Duration, found that:
  • Minnesota WIC Breastfeeding Peer Support Program participants who had contact with a peer were more likely to initiate breastfeeding and less likely to wean at any time period during the baby’s first year of life.
  • Although breastfeeding rates vary widely by race, ethnicity and mother’s nativity (US vs foreign-born), the effectiveness of peer counseling was similar for all mothers in the program.

Find a Map of Peer Programs, learn more about Minnesota's WIC Peer Breastfeeding Support Program and WIC’S circle of care for breastfeeding mothers.

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